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Default Fertilizing and reasonable balance for peanuts

Fertilizing and reasonable balance for peanuts

Peanut is a legume, have high nutritional needs and do not have the ability to use nitrogen from the air by nodule bacteria. A ton of roots communication (with leaves) removed from the soil N 64kg, 16kg and 27kg K2O P2O5. Thus peanut protein suction 5-6 times higher phosphorus and potassium. Peanut also has a high demand for calcium and magnesium. We can use bột dung dịch trồng rau thủy canh to fertilize peanuts, powder contains full multi precursor, and micronutrients.

But smoking peanut protein than other factors, but on most types of land, phosphorus, potassium and calcium are the main factors limiting the yield of peanuts. For balance fertilization on soil type does touch though are also significantly increases productivity. On sandy soil, fertilizer nitrogen-phosphorus balance for bumper 2.5-3.2 kg / ha, on basalt bumper 5.6 to 10 kg / ha. Potassium is also important factors nutritional balance of groundnut, bumper by higher potassium fertilizer with phosphorus fertilizers and 3.5 kg / ha. Fertilize balance the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium can increase productivity up to 6 kg / ha. Similar rules also seen on the soil, gray soil, basalt. However, though highly effective potassium but should balance at 20-30kg N, 60-90kg K2O / ha. Higher potassium fertilizers did not increase yields and reduce efficiency.

Thus, the average yield is 1.5-2 tons of tubers optimistic rate for nutritional balance is lost 20-30kg N, P2O5 60-90kg and 30-60kg K2O / ha equivalent to 2.4 kg of urea, 11kg potassium chloride superphosphate and 4kg for 1 sao Tonkin. The lifting up of nitrogen greater than 40 kg N / ha (3.5 kg urea / rod) will reduce productivity by biomass thrive. Overall rate of N: P2O5 appropriate (in nutrients) should be from 1: 2 to 1: 3 (ie every 1 kg N fertilizer applied must 2-3kg P2O5) while the ratio N: K2O should also keep in about 1: 2 (30 kg N and 60 kg K2O / ha). On acid soils, poor lion, unicorn's ability to hold onto large basalt soil, the fertilizer rate to higher phosphate. Conversely, on land with light mechanical components such as soil fertilizer gray soil should increase potassium.

Calcium is also the element that peanut nutrition needs with a relatively large mass. Proverbs has the phrase "not only phosphate of lime, peanut no" to voice the role of nutritional factors is 2. On poor soils, liming increases the productivity lost 9-10% Mg fertilizer increased 11% yield. Liming optimistic, in addition to providing calcium as a nutrient elements also work to remove soil acidity, creating a favorable environment for bacterial nodule development and most importantly contributing to the formation of lime peanuts. But the abuse of liming overkill to reduce lost productivity due to soil calcium saturation. Trogn this case, groundnut will absorb too much calcium without sufficient suction especially potassium and nitrogen and eventually reduce yields. Accurately determining the amount of lime fertilizer is not simple. On limestone soils fertilizer 300-500kg / ha (11-18 kg / rod) increases productivity significantly optimistic, but increased to over 600 kg lime / ha (22 kg / rod) has reduced peanut yield reduction. On sandy soil, the appropriate amount of lime should be 300-400 kg / ha.

Magnesium as well as trace elements: zinc, copper, molybdenum and boron are effective with optimism. Thus, the fertilizer containing magnesium fertilizers as FMP, kieserite and spray the solution of trace elements at a concentration of 0.1-0.15% for productivity gains are trusted (10-15%).
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